Real Action on the Cost of Living Crisis

Mortgages, energy bills and food prices have all skyrocketed. People need help, but this Conservative Government is out of touch.

Jenny and the Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to take urgent action to stop people losing their homes as they come to the end of fixed term deals. Our proposals would see those who have had a mortgage payment increase of more than 10% of their income receive a grant of up to £300 a month, to help pay for the cost of the rise.

We are also asking the Government to help local households struggling with the rising cost of living by providing further support with energy bills, which would be paid for by a proper, one-off windfall tax on the super-profits of oil and gas producers and traders.

Kenilworth & Southam needs an MP who understands how tough things are and will fight to get the support that local people need.

An empty wallet being shown to the viewer