Fixing our Broken NHS

Under the Conservatives our NHS has been stretched to breaking point. Doctors and nurses are working tirelessly but they have been let down by years of underfunding and mismanagement. Local patients and families are paying the price. People in our area simply can’t get the care they need when they need it.

Jenny says:

“It’s sad to say, but the wonderful health professionals in South Warwickshire are being badly let down. For too many people, our health services are a postcode lottery. For some, simply seeing a GP or an NHS dentist can take weeks. In other areas, I hear from people who have had a harrowing experience waiting for an ambulance. Like so many issues in Kenilworth and Southam, the concerns for our health services seem to have been ignored. It’s simply not good enough. I will fight for our services day and night if elected to be your MP.”

7.7 million people nationally are now on NHS waiting lists, whilst many hospitals are in desperate need of repairs, some found to be at “sudden risk of collapse”. The current government has continued to neglect Kenilworth and Southam. As a result, we now have record GP, dentist and ambulance waiting times as well as outdated and decaying hospital equipment. Jenny Wilkinson knows that Kenilworth & Southam deserves so much better and calls for urgent action and funding to fix our local NHS crisis.

Close to Jenny’s heart are cancer waiting times. The Conservatives have failed to hit their cancer targets since 2015. Jenny and the Liberal Democrats have set out plans to invest £4 billion in NHS cancer treatment and guarantee treatment starts within 62 days. The Lib Dems will make it a legal guarantee that treatment starts within two months. The plan includes new radiotherapy machines, cutting the time for new medicines to reach patients, a new cancer research law, and better support.

Jenny Wilkinson in front of Accident and Emergency Sign at a hospital