Jenny Wilkinson is the candidate for Kenilworth & Southam

Jenny on the left with Ed alongside with tress and a car behind them.
Jenny with Ed

Midlands-born Jenny is a committed campaigner and activist, determined to make a difference in our community. She says, "We are living through the most challenging times. People across our towns and villages need a strong voice to stand up for them and represent their interests. When I speak with residents across the constituency, I hear their concerns about the cost-of-living crisis, difficulties accessing NHS services, and the large amount of new development.

Outside of politics, Jenny is a mum to three boys and is actively involved in the community as a charity trustee, Scouts group chair, and former school governor. Professionally, she is an accountant and business consultant. She has worked with a wide range of private and public sector entities over her 28-year career, and a significant part of her work has been focused on tackling fraud and corruption. Honesty, integrity and fairness are core values for Jenny.

"People across Kenilworth & Southam have been let down by this Conservative Government and they deserve better. I'm fighting to be our next MP to make sure our voice is heard. I'll be the local champion our area needs."

Jenny is passionate about education and campaigns for increases in school funding. She is concerned about environmental issues, pushing for greater protection of our natural resources as well as urgent action to tackle the climate emergency. She believes in the importance of encouraging local residents, particularly young people, to be engaged in and involved in their communities.

Jenny says, "For me, being involved in politics is all about helping people make the changes that are needed to improve their lives. I'm devastated by the damage being done to our country by the current government, so I'm fighting for the Liberal Democrat values of freedom, fairness and equality, working with individuals, community groups and businesses to build a brighter future for us all."

Updates on Jenny's activity can be found on her Facebook page (click on buttons below)

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